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Adding Node at the End of Linked List

Adding Node at the End of Linked List:-

The method takes two parameter one a head node of a linked list and other data too insert.

 public void addNodeEnd(Node head,int data)
   System.out.println("list is empty");
 Node node=new Node(data);
 Node temp=head;

To Know the basic structure of the linked list click here



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Deleting a Node by passing data in LInkedList

Deleting a Node by passing data in LInkedList:-

The node can be deleted by passing the data value in a function.Here we have three pointers one to traverse the list other to point current node and third one to point previous of current node.

//deleting a given keypublic Node deleteKeyNode(Node head,int key){//traverse pointer Node temp=head;//previous pointer Node prevtemp=temp;while(temp!=null){//when key is at head positionif({; System.out.println("head is deleted");return head;}//when key is at any position other than headif({;; temp=prevtemp;} prevtemp=temp;;}return head;}