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Merge Sort Implementation in JAVA

Merge Sort  is a technique of sorting data with below steps:-
1) Divide the data recursively until it can not  divide more.
2)  Compare the data and sort it.
3) Merge the data again .

/* * Merge Sort is based on the concept below points:- * 1) Divide array until it can not be divide. * 2) Merge it again in sorted pattern * * */publicclassMergeSort{publicstaticint[]mergeSort(int arr[]){//check for size if it is one then already sortedint size=arr.length;if(size==1){return arr;}//find middle (divide an array into two half)int mid=size/2;//first halfint[] fhalf=newint[mid];//second halfint[] shalf=newint[size-mid];// Copy first half of the arrayfor(int i =0; i < mid; i++){ fhalf[i]= arr[i];}// Copy second half of the arrayfor(int i = mid; i < size; i++){ shalf[i - mid]= arr[i];}//recursive call fhalf and shalfreturnmerge(mergeSort(fhalf), mergeSort(shalf));}publicstaticint[]merge(int[] firstHalfSorted,int[] secondHalfSorted){// First, create a new array to store the answer. int S…