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Topics to Start - preparing for Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn in a different way :-

  1. Strings
  2. stacks and queues
  3. heaps
  4. searching
  5. hash table
  6. sorting
  7. recursion
  8. dynamic programming
  9. greedy algorithms
  10. graphs
  11. tree
  12. Binary Search Tree
  13. Linked List
  14. Array
  15. Parallel programming and concurrency
  16. design problems
  17. system design
  18. availability and scalability 
Below topics are good to have
  1. object oriented programming
  2. language details ( java , python)
  3. object oriented design
  4. tools ( bash , git , maven , jira , jenkins , docker , kubernetes)
  5. database



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Adding Node at a given position in Linked List

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